About Us

Welcome to AURRA by Jet Concepts, where Science and Nature converge for ageless, healthy skin.

We aspire to deliver transformative change in your skin with every visit.

At AURRA, we are more than a facial spa and cult beauty retailer; we’re a realm of rejuvenation, where every treatment is a love letter to your skin.

Over the years, our approach revolves around the idea that beauty should never be grounded in harmful chemicals or artificial shortcuts.

Instead, our skin science experts have tapped on aesthetic technologies and nature’s best ingredients from around the world to bring out the natural beauty in you.

Our belief that true beauty radiates from within extends to every aspect of AURRA’s offerings.

We embrace cutting-edge technology and innovation to create groundbreaking treatments that deliver visible and transformative effects for our customers.

We are committed to preserving and celebrating the pure essence of nature in all our products and treatments.

We take pride in delivering visible and tangible transformations for our customers’ skin. Our science-backed treatments are designed to unlock your skin’s true potential.

Our team of skin science experts is dedicated to staying at the forefront of research and development. With their expertise, they craft treatments that combine the best of science and nature.

Image showing an Aurra therapist performing the Signature Jet Facial.

Award-winning Facial Treatments

When considering facial treatments to provide, it is our intention to protect and nourish the layers of your skin back to good health rather than to peel them. This is where our Medical Grade Facials come in, where top-notch and clinically proven equipment are sourced from around the world to provide care to every layer of your skin.

Image showing the Hanisul range of skincare products.

Bespoke Skincare Products

We make it easy for you to piece together a morning and night routine that supplements your facial treatments. By emphasising health, safety and effectiveness, skincare products sourced by AURRA are made of nourishing and efficacious ingredients that repair your skin layers and reactivate your skin’s ability to regenerate.

Image showing the Wild Nutrition range of health supplements.

Nutraceuticals for Skin

Your body needs the right nutrition so that it can repair itself. We have researched far and wide to shortlist natural, food-grown supplements that support your body in repairing skin at every life stage. Expect natural ingredients distilled using exceptional methods in the range offered.

Image showing a client undergoing the Harmony Facial at Aurra.

Integrative Wellness

The concept of “Integrative Beauty” is core to our belief that true beauty radiates from within. Beyond skincare and supplements, a person’s natural radiance is influenced by her wellbeing, in body and mind, which is fulfilled when there is balance within her body.