Skin Repair Facials

The antidote to ageing and tired skin

Image showing a client undergoing the Skin Repair Facial at Aurra.

Long holidays, harsh weather, outdoor exposure, or just simply the passage of time may cause problems to our skin that regular maintenance facials may not fully prevent. Skin Repair Facials at Aurra are a specialised series of facials that treat specific and complex skin indications to restore a youthful appearance for your skin.

Types of Facial Treatments

Image showing a client undergoing the Skin Repair Facial at Aurra.

Dermapen Facial

Get the very best results of microneedling for your skin. The Dermapen Facial is an advanced treatment that uses the Dermapen 4 to create micro-injuries from ultrafine needles to trigger a natural process of repair to increase the production of collagen and elastin, visibly improving a wide range of skin concerns.

Conditions treated


The Dermapen Facial is a popular, non-invasive facial treatment for those with uneven skin tone, age spots and thinning, sagging skin, caused by environmental factors or simply as part of the skin’s ageing process.


The Dermapen Facial triggers a natural boost in collagen and elastin to plump skin, helping you look younger and fresher.


Whether you experience the odd breakout or regular flare-ups, take back control of your complexion by reducing the appearance of acne and skin breakouts with a Dermapen Facial.


For those with unwanted age spots, freckles, darkened patches or melasma, the Dermapen Facial gives you the chance to rewrite your skin’s history for a smooth, even complexion.


The Dermapen Facial gives you irresistibly smooth, flawless skin by reducing the appearance of pores.

Frequently asked questions

Skin Repair facials are a specialised, short-term series of facials that are recommended by our skincare experts to treat specific skin indications.

The Dermapen Facial involves the use of the Dermapen 4, the world’s fastest microneedling pen, and various serums to treat specific skin indications.

The Dermapen Facial is relatively painless as compared to other microneedling procedures. A numbing cream is available on request.

Many customers have noticed that their skin feels tighter right after a treatment.

As the Dermapen Facial uses the Dermapen 4 microneedling pen to create micro-injuries in your skin and reawaken your body’s innate ability to repair and heal, visible facial improvements tend to last for days after the treatment. Regular customers will notice the improvement in skin condition over time.

Facials in the Skin Repair series start from $188 per session. Please call our boutiques to enquire.

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