Harmony Facial

A unique 5-in-1 treatment to reduce stress damage to your skin

Image showing a client undergoing the Harmony Facial at Aurra.

What is the Harmony Facial

The Harmony Facial is a unique 5-in-1 treatment that improves the quality of your rest and overall health with proven methodologies that enable you to truly relax.

It combines a patented Wave Therapy, which opens up the energetic flow within your body, with a Detoxification Facial, top grade Aromatherapy, Infrared Therapy and a Lymphatic and Head Massage to deliver a myriad of benefits to your health and skin.

5 steps to better rest and better skin

The Harmony Facial uses the traditional vacuum and radiofrequency therapy to cleanses your skin of toxins to promote healing and production of natural collagen.

The Harmony Facial uses Healite by Lutronic to offer infrared therapy, which improves blood circulation to promote tissue healing and higher quality of sleep.

The Harmony Facial uses Ondamed, a German biofeedback technology, to reopen blocked channels and promote flow in the body with a gentle whisper.

The Harmony Facial uses doTERRA essential oils to calm and soothe your nerves for better sleep quality. doTERRA is thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol, and recognized for its superior quality standard in being naturally safe and purely effective.

The Harmony Facial comes with a relaxing massage by trained hands that use very light pressure and long, rhythmic strokes to restore the natural lymph flow and aid in the removal of toxins. A traditional massage technique is also used to relieve pressure in your head.

Treatment benefits

  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Reduces water retention on your face
  • Clears the toxins and tightens your face
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieves pain and tension in targeted areas
  • Calms and soothes your nerves
  • Renews your vitality

This facial is great for

  • Busy professionals on the move

  • Reducing general fatigue and stress

  • People who are not sleeping well

  • Tired skin

Frequently asked questions

Be pampered with a series of sensual experiences that enable you to truly relax. From premium aromatherapy to massage, infrared to patented wave therapies, the Harmony Facial is a 5-in-1 treatment that reenergises your mind, body and skin.

There is no pain involved in the non-invasive Harmony Facial. Our therapists will adjust the strength used in the lymphatic and head massage.

You will feel invigorated after the treatment. Regular treatments will improve your rest and sleep quality over time.

There is no downtime. The Harmony Facial is suitable as a lunchtime procedure where you can head back to work after treatment.

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