Skin Boosting Facials

Deep nourishment for healthy, youthful skin

An image that shows a close-up of the Pure Peptide Facial from Aurra.

Building on our belief that true beauty comes from within, Skin Boosting Facials at Aurra uses the best ingredients to improve luminosity and overall condition of your skin. They repair and deeply hydrate, in contrast to peeling off layers.

Exclusively at Aurra, you can experience the rejuvenating power of naturally occurring, plant-based exosomes in the Hanisul Facial. Exosomes have gained significant attention in regenerative aesthetics for their benefits in skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory effects and wound healing.

Types of Facial Treatments

An image that shows a close-up of the Pure Peptide Facial from Aurra.

Pure Peptide Facial

The Pure Peptide Facial is an advanced treatment that exfoliates your skin and preps it to be in the best condition to receive an infusion of mini-miracle-messengers that tell your skin to heal, tighten and repair.

Image showing a client undergoing the Jet Healer Facial at Aurra.

Jet Healer Facial

The Jet Healer Facial is an advanced anti-inflammatory treatment that infuses the purest form of copper peptides into your skin, and follows through with infrared LED phototherapy to promote skin healing.

An image that shows a close-up of the Hanisul Facial from Aurra.

Hanisul Facial

The Hanisul Facial uses 50% concentration of the Face Reactor to treat complex skin conditions that include pigmentation, redness and sun damage. It restores the evenness and the clarity of your natural skin tone.

Conditions treated


Pure peptides provide deep hydration to the skin and alleviates dryness.


Using a combination of Infrared Therapy and infusion of pure copper peptides, the Jet Healer Facial induces your skin to heal inflammation and acne scars.


The exosomes in the Hanisul Facial reverts your skin to a more youthful state, by reducing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulating the production of natural collagen and elastin.


The dual anti-inflammatory benefits of the Jet Healer Facial aids your skin in repairing against sun damage.

Frequently asked questions

Skin Boosting facials are non-invasive and safe for every skin type. Depending on your skin’s requirements – moisture, anti-inflammation or anti-ageing, our skincare experts will recommend a suitable treatment to maximise your benefit.

Every Skin Boosting facial includes using the Jet M machine for deep cleansing and lymphatic drainage. Depending on the facial selected, peptides and exosomes are delivered into the skin using medical-grade aesthetic devices. The treatment ends with a relaxing head and shoulder massage to boost circulation and maximise the benefits of the treatment.

Facials in the Skin Boosting series are non-invasive and uses the Jet M machine to infuse nutrients into your skin, which mean that they are relatively painless with minimal downtime.

Many customers have noticed that their skin feels more hydrated and looks brighter right after a treatment.

As Skin Boosting facials reawaken your body’s innate ability to repair and heal, rather than treat the symptoms of damage and ageing, visible facial improvements tend to last for days after the treatment. Regular customers will notice the improvement in skin condition over time.

Facials in the Skin Boosting series start from $188 per session. Please call our boutiques to enquire.

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